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A Microchip Helped Bring Meow Home

Meow was adopted from Larimer Humane Society in 2007 by a loving family.  After a couple of years, Meow went missing and has been missing for the past five years! The family had searched and searched but gave up after too much time had passed.

Just this week, a cat was brought to the shelter. The staff scanned for a microchip on the cat. When they found and one, they called the family connected to the chip.  They couldn't believe it! After five years,  Meow came home! That is the power of a microchip and of a family's love for their pet.

Fortunately, the adoption fee for all cats and dogs adopted from Larimer Humane Society includes a microchip.  Maybe one day, it will help bring your pet home!

By Stephanie Ashley

November 15, 2013

Stella“We Adore Her.”
Stella’s Special Stare Lands Her a New Home
After losing their 16-year-old Himalayan to cancer, Ed and Stacey were devastated. Following weeks of mourning, Stacey began searching online for another brachycephalic (flat faced) breed to complete their family. When she came across Stella’s profile, she saw something extra special in her eyes and she immediately asked Ed if he was ready to open his heart to a new four-legged family member.

With apprehension, Stacey and Ed made the trek to Larimer Humane Society to meet Stella and see if she was the feline they’d been searching for. And the rest, as they say, is history. Stella went home with Stacey and Ed in early September and has been amusing them ever since.

She loves scratching posts and chasing the laser pointer for hours on end. She gets along with her pet brother and sister, Mazzy, a 15-year-old cat, and Mike, an 11-year-old Bulldog, and is perfectly content to sit on the windowsill and watch quietly over her family.

Although Ed was heartbroken over his loss, Stella is winning him over. She follows him everywhere and is determined to be his sidekick at all times, whether he likes it or not.

By Stephanie Ashley

August 8, 2013

More Than a Decade of Happy Tails  


Almost 13 years ago, Steve and Patty Grant found a loyal buddy at Larimer Humane Society. Harley turned out to be a true partner for Steve, hiking dams while he worked his first post-college job and enjoying some of the finest dog parks in Fort Collins, Denver, Lansdale and even Philadelphia. A friend to all critters, Harley got along with every animal from turtles to kittens. His brother, Roscoe joined the family in 2003 and he and Harley became insNapeparable.

Together, Harley and Roscoe traveled the country with smiles across their snouts. They explored together, rough housed, made new friends and then curled up in one big puppy pile for naps. In August 2012, Harley and his humans said goodbye to Roscoe and mourned the loss of one fourth of their family. Life wasn’t the same, but changes were constant as they welcomed a new addition to the family two short months later, a baby boy named Conor.

Harley, the gentle giant, welcomed Conor with open paws. He didn’t miss a beat - he allowed Conor to pet him and graciously slept through his crying episodes.

WindowLast month, Steve, Patty and Conor’s loyal companion, gentle protector and unwavering confidante reunited with his best friend after losing his battle with lung cancer. With more than a decade of wags, licks and tummy rubs with their two faithful furballs, the Grants have countless memories to call upon.

“We will never forget the memories we shared,” reminisces Steve and Patty. “Roscoe and Harley are now together again watching over their little brother Conor.”

By Lauren Seidl

June 28, 2013


The Perfect Companion for Summer Adventure

Katie Daniels had been casually looking for a dog to call her own while moving into a new house. When she was finally settled in, she and a friend decided to visit a few animal shelters.

As soon as Katie saw a photo of Ellie, formerly known as Jess, on Larimer Humane Society’s website, she fell in love. Ellie was excited when she first saw Katie, too. The 2-year-old Australian Shepherd/Sheltie mix charged into Katie’s arms during their first visit. Since Katie spends a lot of time in the barn with her horse, she appreciated Ellie’s adventurous spirit. She knew at that moment that Ellie was the dog for her.

Ellie and Katie soon became inseparable. The Australian Shepherd mix follows Katie everywhere and talks to her during their time together. Ellie also enjoys fetch, visiting the horses in the barn and playing with her newest toy, a stuffed rabbit.

With Ellie, the adventure never stops. Earlier this summer Katie and Ellie went camping at Lake McConaughy. Ellie had a blast swimming and playing with the other dogs on the beach. But she doesn’t always have to be on the go; Ellie loves snuggling, too.

Katie and Ellie plan on having many more adventures together this summer, including hiking, camping, swimming and spending time in the barn. Katie is grateful that Larimer Humane Society found Ellie, who was a stray.

“I am so glad that Larimer Humane Society saved her so I could find my perfect match,” Katie said.

June 24, 2013


Adorable Anika ended up at Larimer Humane Society after her first family experienced months of fruitless puppy potty training and decided it wasn’t a good fit. With open arms, Larimer Humane Society took in Anika and began the search for her new family. It wasn’t long before Anika’s perfect fit came through the shelter doors. They were energetic. They were caring.They were patient.

Anika’s new dog mom calls her a Yorkie/Tazmanian Devil mix due to her non-stop activity and laughable antics. Their family can’t help but sit back and chuckle watching Anika play her way through life. The tell us Anika had a blast at both rounds of puppy kindergarten and now attends doggie daycare where she’s known as “The Rowdy One.” She also enjoys daily walks and romping around in the back yard with her best friends Elmo, Oliver, Tasha and Daisy looking for bones to chew. She keeps her pet parents on their toes but they wouldn’t have it any other way.

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