Our Mission is to Promote and Provide the Responsible Care and Treatment of Animals

Adoptable dogs

Thank you for viewing our adoptable dogs. For more information on a specific animal, including its age, breed, adoption fee and more, please click on the animal’s picture. Please note, not all of our adoptable animals are located at the Larimer Humane Society shelter – a few are residing with our foster families or transfer partners. Please read the animal’s bio to learn more. Thank you!

16 dogs are available

Fern (A143806)
Border Collie
12 years

Brody (A225869)
Australian Shepherd / Queensland Heeler
7 years

Sophie (A244537)
Shih Tzu
6 years

Sir didymus (A388431)
Schnauzer Mini
5 years

Sadie (A424319)
Pit Bull / Labrador Retriever
7 years

Sparky (A431038)
Chihuahua Shorthair mix
11 months

Lily (A437502)
Australian Cattle Dog mix
7 months

Brutus (A440496)
Pit Bull
8 months

Daisy (A441239)
Pit Bull
2 years

Tazzy (A441648)
Rat Terrier
7 years

Peque (A441706)
2 years

Baby (A442143)
Pit Bull
2 years

Marshall (A442174)
Jack Russell Terrier
6 years

Bridget (A442268)
Pit Bull mix
7 months

Thor (A442504)
Chihuahua Shorthair
2 years

Ratchet (A442605)
Shibu Inu / Pug
11 months


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